• Children of war

    Активно-творческий лагерь и глемпинг

We do not know when the war will end, but we must return childhood to our kids and give them support.

Therefore, the Edelweiss camp will be open in summer 2022 for free for children who suffered because of the war

We ask you for help. If you find an opportunity to provide us with material support (in any amount), then the small citizens of the Great and Proud Country of UKRAINE will be distracted from the horrors and troubles of the bloody war for some time.

We have 15 years of experience in organizing recreation for children and teenagers in Ukraine and abroad. Our professional team, well-coordinated over the years, is ready to start conducting sports and creative activities (from theater and cooking to hiking and rock climbing) in a special mode with the participation of psychologists.

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Children's reviews

Эдельвейс – это такое чудесное место, там где ты рад своей усталости, рад каждому пройденному километру, рад новым знакомствам и друзьям. Я хочу поблагодарить всех за эту лучшую неделю, проведённую с вами. Мы стали очень дружной и сплоченной командой. Я уверен , что мы с вами можем горы свернуть. И, конечно же, хочу со всеми вами вновь увидеться.


Parent's feedback

Я думаю, что главная задача “Эдельвейса” – подсветить нам, родителям, то, где мы не видим. Про наших детей. И дать ориентиры. За 2 недели, даже за 2-3 смены ребенок не сможет стать другим. Но будет импульс к изменениям. И задачу себя, как родителя вижу в том, чтобы поймать этот импульс и двигаться дальше. За много поездок сына в лагерь вижу как меняется он и как меняются мои реакции, как растет внутри вера в него. Это и есть рост, над самим собой. Ещё раз, спасибо огромное Алексеев’с team и всей команде лагеря – Олег форева, Дима-орнитолог (чтобы это не значило и всем, кого я ещё не запомнила – сорри, я стараюсь ). Вы незримо меняете нас и детей. После уже нельзя быть прежним.



... get off the couch, break away from gadgets and take a chance.
Risk to discover the pleasure of traveling, tears of joy after conquering your fears and getting out of comfort zone.

... climb a rock wall, go through an extreme park, hit a target, raft down a river, balance on a slackline, learn the basics of survival and go hiking.

... open up to new friends, compete in quests, try yourself as an actor and create without any limits.

... meet the sunset in the mountains, see the real starry sky, eat blueberries, spend the night in a tent and sing songs by the fire.


Forget the summer health camps of the old/time-worn form. EDELWEISS won’t offer your kids to line up or to march to the dining room. They wouldn’t have too much nap time. They wouldnt be forced to draw a wall newspaper. We will offer them risk, adventure and extreme. All that is  in lack in the younger generation’s lives. It seems strange, but that it is what make children and teens more independent and responsible. The children's camp in Ukraine has changed. It has become different. How different? Find out now!


  • Take a travel agency and a children's summer camp, mix them properly.
  • Add a winter camp for kids and a team of the most experienced instructors.
  • Get a camp for teenagers and sprinkle it with the experience of hundreds camp sessions, sport activities and creativity.
  • Fill everything with adrenaline and shake it with all your might!

Whatever old pal James Bond says, the result of this strong mix is ​​EDELWEISS!


Pedagogical psychology and pedagogy, age morphology and physiology  are needed. They are very important sciences. But what’s the use of it for the particular child? We build our activities on only three principles:

❶ development of children's responsibility and independence;
❷ forming correct communication skills;
❸ the combination of sports and creativity in one program.

Thanks to them a child begins to acquire important skills of adult life. It learns to make independent decisions, overcome difficulties and appreciate the joy of victory.


As it happens,  unlike the usual summer camps,  we do not have educators. Not a single! We have a team of experienced instructors. No one will take the child to the classes by force. But if a child  has chosen a classes to theirs liking (whether archery, cooking, or board games), then we would do our best to bring it boundless joy. The joy of making an independent decision and gaining your own confidence.

In today's world, children are often suffered from over-protective parents. As the result - infantile personalities in adulthood. They are unable to face difficulties and stress. We are trying to give impetus for change. We are trying to show the child that many things can be done independently by theirs own decision!

We should remember that it is impossible to become independent and responsible all of a sudden. But tomorrow you will need to do one step more than you did today, and to believe a little more in yourself! "Controlled democracy" has come instead of the strict controls previously used by camps for teenagers and children. The results of their own decisions can be seen by children. Independence will become the result of the child's understanding to make changes in any situation.


We call ourselves instructors but we are just friends for children. We communicate as equals and we are always ready to listen and support. With such an approach, contact is set very fast. As the result the responsible behaviour  of children is being developed. How?

❶ First, a kid becomes our assistant. To do something for the first time is always a challenge. The child has a lot of feelings and fears at the begining: am I good at it? how to do everything right? Will I be praised for it? And we are trying to praise and support as often as possible!

❷ In a second step, the child may need easy control. We do it calmly, kindly and gently, and most importantly - in a playful way.

❸ In a third step, the child handle the usual task on her own. They no longer needs our controle. They know well how and what to do.


Are you looking for summer or winter camp for teenagers? You came to the right place! It is worth talking separately about the category of "no longer children”. This category is in need to communicate with adults as grownups. Adolescence is one of the most difficult periods in the development of human personality. We pay special attention to such guests.  If there is a camp for teenagers in Ukraine that can help to cope with the contradictions of the transition period, it is also "EDELWEISS". Why? We provide teens with new communication circle, team work with peers and super active recreation. All that allow them to forget boredom and overcome the crisis of self-determination. The teenager is trying to prove to everyone that he can solve problems on his own, that he was a grown-up a long time ago! And we will make them feel it over 100%!


Today, active recreation for children is often being replaced by the Internet and smartphones. But a phone or a tablet is not an option in our camp! There is an option to shoot a bow, to go rock claiming, arrange a photo battle or to go on a real mountain hike. At the same time, our children's sports camp is equally combined with the intellectual and creative club. Any event will be held under the guidance of an experienced couch. The combination of sports and intellectual tasks in one program will make the maximum effect for the development of physical body, spirit and discovery of creative energy!

Our summer camp provides hiking, biking and rafting on the rivers, and our winter children’s camp is perfect for ski and snowboard lovers. We will build snow fortresses together, and your children will have a snowball fight with our instructors. The purpose of all sports and creative activities is the same - to develop the child's abilities, learn to be open-minded and to think out of the box, became better every day!

And let us reassure parents that behind all democracy, adrenaline, the spirit of adventure and dangers overcoming , there are the strictest and most indisputable rules for the safety and protection of children's lives and health.


Twelve years of work. Hundreds of shifts. Six thousand happy participants. Are you still looking for a standard Soviet-style children's camp at the seaside? Let’s get out of the usual comfort zone together. We work all year around. In addition to our summer shifts, we offer you to visit our camp during the winter holidays in the Carpathian, to spend bright autumn and spring vacations in Ukraine or abroad. We have great teen tours for a few days! Only with us you can raft on the river in Sweden, celebrate  Halloween in Romania go on a trip by American school bus, converted into a comfortable camp on wheels "Yellow Submarine". Adventures should have no borders! Why? Simply because EDELWEISS is the best holiday camp for children in the world! We can do this!