Our peculiarities

The concept of the camp can be expressed in a few words: it is not just a vacation - it is about development of the child's personality

We have no "entertainers", learning in circles, rest time, nurseys, training wheels, free time and fences.
We have adrenaline, more than 30 different activities, sincere atmosphere, attention to everyone, an experienced team and love for children


  • rich program whereby participants can self-organize and accept discipline easily
  • equality in opportunities for self-expression for participants and instructors when discussing plans and events of the past day
  • the combination of sports and art in one program that affects the state of the body, spirit and creative energy

This is very important for the person entering adulthood. This makes the program unique and interesting for most of the participants, and also appreciated by their parents.

Our principles

Kids need a little bit of hazard... It teaches them how to survive in this world
One family

We do not have nurseys, counselors and large groups. We call ourselves instructors, but for children we are just friends with whom they can communicate on an equal footing and who are always ready to listen to them and support them no matter it is a scratched knee or a quarrel with a friend.


One thing is forbidden in the camp - do nothing. The option to sleep in the room or sit with the phone doesn't work. If you don’t know how, we will teach you, if you are afraid, we will help you cope with fear, if you don’t want to, there will always be an alternative activity.


Children need to be trusted. At the beginning we agree about the rules and principles of camp life. We don't have training wheels around the territory, rest time, "entertainers" and shouting at children. But if the agreements are broken, an alternative will appear :)