Active and creative camp "Edelweiss" in the Carpathians

Oryavchik village, Lviv region


1 session – 30.05.24 - 11.06.24 
2 session – 12.06.24 - 24.06.24
3 session – 25.06.24 - 07.07.24
4 session – 08.07.24 - 20.07.24
5 session – 21.07.24 - 02.08.24
6 session – 03.08.24 - 15.08.24
7 session – 16.08.24 - 28.08.24


... get off the couch, get off your gadgets and take a risk. To take a chance and to feel the pleasure of traveling, tears of joy after defeating  your fears. Get out of your comfort zone.

... climb a rock wall, go through an extreme park, shoot at a target, raft down a river, balance on a slackline, learn the basics of survival and go hiking.

... open up to new friends, compete in quests, take part in a performance and create without limits.

... meet the sunset in the mountains, see a non-urban starry sky, eat blueberries, spend the night in a tent and sing songs by the fire.



18900 uan


20900 uan


26900 uan


27900 uan

  • + railway tickets
  • 7 session - 13 days
  • from 7 to 18 years old
  • from 40 to 150 participants

Location and accommodation 


Camp "Edelweiss" is located in Oryavchyk village, Lviv region, near the National Park "Skole Beskydy", at an altitude of 900 m above sea level, 140 km from Lviv and 20 km from Skole town.


    We organise groups of children to take them to the camp. These groups are accompanied by a camp instructor. We have departures from  Dnipro and Kyiv. Transfers from Odessa and Kharkov are optional. In case  at least a small group of 4 persons. Then groups are taken by train to Lviv and then transported by bus for 2 hours to the location.


      It is a traditional type of accommodation for campers age from 7 y.o. There are 6-beds rooms and two 12-beds rooms accommodation in the building "Chalet Edelweiss”. The room sizes are 16 m2 and 25 m2. The rooms are equipped with bunk beds with limiters. All the facilities are in each room, hot water 24/7. Heating is provided by our own boiler room. Bed linen and towels are changed once a week. We provide the possibility of washing personal belongings.

      There is WI-FI throughout the territory, but to get the password you will have to solve the riddle (as a rule, they don’t solve it 🙂). An exception for children whose parents are abroad and the Internet is required for communication.

      + Optimum  ratio Price-Quality

      + Habitual type of residence

      + Exclusion of weather factors (always warm and dry)

      + Bathrooms in each room

      – Number of people living in a small  room


        Kybyitka (for campers from 10 y.o.) are another type of accommodation. They are stylised traditional horse carriages of the Wild West ( the Conestoga wagon). Our cowboys live in Kybyitka. This is a more comfortable alternative to tents. The size of the wagons is 5 x 2.5 m, height 3.5 m, area 12.5 m².

        Kybyitka (also spheres and tipis) are located in Pioneer Town, 50 meters from the Chalet. There are 4 bunk beds (accommodating up to 8 children in 1 wagon), shelves for personal things, electricity and sockets in each Kybyitka. There are 6 bathrooms with showers and toilets (hot water 24/7) on the territory of Pioneer Town. Night lighting is switched on by motion sensors.

        + The price is lower than other types of accommodation

        + The tent does not get wet, it is always dry inside when it rains

        + Kybyitkas are equipped with a ventilation window and ordinary doors

        + Provided with electricity

        + In  case of cold weather, you can quickly arrange heating with electric heaters

        – Shared bathrooms for the campers of tips and tents

        – In case warm sunny weather it can be hot


          Spheres (for campers from 14 years old) - geodesic domes in which the Jedi live. The size is 28m² and 36 m², diameter 6 m and 7 m. There are 5 beds (2 bunk beds and a bed on the second level of the sphere) in three spheres. There are 6 beds (2 bunk beds and 2 beds on the second level of the sphere) in one sphere. If necessary, you can increase the accommodation up to 7 and 8 people.

          Each sphere is equiped with its own individual modern bathroom with a hairdryer. It has huge panoramic window with day/night curtain system. All spheres are equipped with winter/summer air conditioners; a large amount of furniture for storing personal items. The floor is covered with laminate with multi-layer insulation.

          + Maximum comfort

          + Small number of residents

          + Individual modern bathroom, hair dryer

          + The door is closed (by a magnetic key or by the occupant's phone), which minimises the access of strangers to the room.

          + Exclusivity of accommodation

          – The highest cost of accommodation

          – Child’s  behaviour / accuracy / responsibility on previous sessions is taken into account.

            WIGWAMS (TIPI)

            Tipi (campers age from 12 y.o.) - traditional housing of native Americans. This type of accommodation is  full of romance, closeness to nature and the ancestral spirits.  The inhabitants of tipis we call Indians. Tipis size is 26 m² and 32 m², diameter 6 m and 7 m. One tipi accommodate 4-6 people. Each tipi is equipped with 4-6 beds, cabinets and shelves for individual items. There is electricity and  sockets in each tipi. Non-ensuite designers bathrooms with hot water are 3 meters away.

            Tipis do not come into contact with the ground. They are located on wooden platforms. The walls are double layered and do not get wet. The floor is covered with laminate with multi-layer insulation. Their design provides constant temperature. The inside temperature doesn’t depend on the outside weather conditions.

            + A small number of people living in a large tipi

            + Furniture for storage of personal belongings

            + Electricity and sockets

            + In  case of cold weather, you can quickly arrange heating with electric heaters

            + Very good ventilation (due to design)

            + Embrace the lifestyle of movie characters, exclusivity of accommodation

            – The cost is higher than the tents

            – Non-ensuite bathrooms

            – The design of the tipi is traditional, it has specific entrance. If you leave it open during the rain, the floor will get wet

                Things to know


                Full board (3 meals per day) and water drinking regime are provided in the camp. We use local organic products for cooking. Vegetarian or dietary menu are in option. Our menu is developed according to the health status and children needs.


                The camp is guarded 24/7. But the territory does not have a fence. Experienced instructors and volunteers are responsible for the kids safety during the active classes and on hikes. The instructor to campers ratio is 1 : 5-6


                There is a doctor in the camp. We insure all children in the Grave Ukraine insurance company. The doctor informs the parents and treats the child if the camper gets sick. The nearest hospital is 20 km away in Skole town.

                If the child should follow the course of treatment during they stay in a camp, we should be inform in advance. This child should have a set of medications. It should be taken under the supervision of a doctor.

                All first aid kits that was taken to the camp by kids are handed over to the doctor. We will  return them  at the end of the session.❗It is very important to inform the camp administration and the doctor about the child's health and specific nutrition.


                The camp has a climbing wall, a modern rope extreme park, an archery range, a swimming pool, air rifles, potter's wheels, mountain bikes, slackline, and various board games.

                • All the necessary tourist equipment  for hiking (tents, backpacks, sleeping bags, mats) is provided in the camp.
                • For transportation we use: an off-road vehicle GAZ-66, a Land Rover jeep and a Yellow Submarine bus.
                • For astronomy classes we use a professional telescope with computer tracking Sky-Watcher DOB 10 Retractable GO TO with the possibility of astrophotography.

                The hotel has a conference room for trainings, study sessions and film watching (film projector, screen and dolby surround system).


                   Frequently Asked Questions 

                  •  WHAT IS INCLUDED? 
                    • accommodation;
                    • 3 meals per day;
                    • work of instructors;
                    • all activities according to the program;
                    • insurance (coverage 5000 UAH);
                    • transfer Lviv – camp – Lviv;
                    • use of sports equipment
                  •  EXTRA COSTS? 
                    • railway tickets from your city to Lviv and back;
                    • we recommend giving the child 400-500 UAH for personal expenses (there is a shop with sweets in the camp).
                  •  WHAT ITEMS TO GIVE YOUR CHILD? 

                    The list of necessary things is sent to parents before each session. We always take into account the season. We recommend to use a suitcase or a bag on wheels. Please, don’t  take a lot of clothes. The weight of the luggage must be suitable  for a child! List of things for summer sessions:

                    • personal hygiene products (shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste, brush);
                    • rubber slippers;
                    • underwear, high socks (cotton), pyjamas;
                    • tracksuit, jeans;
                    • headdress (cap, panama hat) - preferably 2 pcs.;
                    • warm jacket (sweatshirt, fleece);
                    • a small backpack for personal items;
                    • sports shoes - 2-3 pairs (comfortable, worn out);
                    • a small thermos (1-1.5 liters) for hiking;
                    • windbreaker with a rain hood or raincoat;
                    • shorts, t-shirts;
                    • swimming trunks / swimsuit.

                    Clothing should be suitable for activities (may get dirty and torn). If the child does not recognise his belongings, please make identification marks (especially on chargers and headphones). The camp has a washing machine, washing once a week.


                    Refund is possible only in case of child illness that requiring inpatient or outpatient treatment at the place of residence.

                  •  HOW ARE ACTIVITIES ORGANISED? 

                    We do not have classes at will. We don’t have animators, a quiet time and the opportunity to sit in a room and do nothing. There is an alternative in active and creative activities during the day. The instructor on duty makes sure that no one is hiding or sitting in gadgets. But we use the method of alternatives. If you do not like the proposed activity (for example, you has fear of heights), then you will be offered another one.

                    We have out of camp activities (team games outdoors, rafting, hiking for 1-3 days, archery-battle, etc.) and camp activities (climbing wall, extreme park, slackline, archery, etc.).

                    All declared activities are included in the cost of the session and are necessarily held throughout the session. The schedule may vary depending on the weather.


                    The percentage of scratches and abrasions among the guys in the camp is more than you can get while sitting at the computer. The doctor is working 24/7 at the camp. All the activities take place after a mandatory safety briefing and with the use of certified equipment.

                  •  MY CHILD DOES NOT CONTACT ME! 

                    There is such a sign: if the child does not call, then everything is fine with him. At this time he crawls through the extreme park, disguises himself in the forest, sculpts on a potter's wheel, performs a team task...

                    We do not take away children’s mobile phones, but we advise them not to take the phones to classes. Other way the phone could be accidentally broken or lost. The best time to call to children is their free from activities  time(14:00 to 15:00 or 19:30 to 21:00). If you are worried, you can contact the instructors (phone numbers will be indicated in the information sheet).

                  •  IS THERE WI-FI IN THE CAMP? 

                    There is Wi-Fi in the camp, but ... the Internet is given to the children in a dosed way. First children should guessed the riddle to get the password. We will share WiFi  to a kid who is in need to contact parents abroad and to those who make preparation  to the performance. 3G is best caught on the Rosohach Ridge. 😋

                  •  KID IS FOR THE  FIRST TIME IN A CAMP 

                    We realise the feelings of parents and children who go to the camp for the first time. To dispel your doubts, we offer you to read the reviews and to see the photo gallery on our website. You could personally introduce the child to the camp director and instructors by coming to our office or by going to the About Us page of the site. In addition, we can provide you with contact numbers of parents or children themselves (with their consent), who have repeatedly visited Edelweiss.


                    We accept children from 7 to 18 y.o. at the camp on the basis of the Edelweiss chalet, from 10 y.o. to tents, from 14 y.o. to spheres and tipis. It is also necessary to take into account the individual characteristics and the  child level of independence.

                  •  HOW MANY KIDS ARE IN THE CAMP? 

                    The number of children on sessions depends on the season. Summer and winter sessions 40 to 120 people, autumn and spring sessions  15 to 40 people. Foreign trips 10 to 30 campers.


                    Children are divided into age groups of 10-20 people.There is no more than 6 squads. We also try to take into account the individual wishes of the child and parents (for example, to be in one squad with a friend). You can move from squad to squad during the session. As a reward for showing independence  a child could be moved to an older squad.


                    Our photographers try to be at all activities at the same time and to capture the guys in the most unexpected places. Due to the rich program, there are a lot of photos! So it takes time to process them. All parents receive links to file sharing for photos downloading a few weeks after the session. Some of the photos during the session can be viewed on our website.

                  •  WHEN IS THE CAMP LIGHTS OUT? 

                    Lights out for junior squads at 21.00, for seniors at 23.00. Instructors on-duty and volunteers keep order in the camp after lights out. They help small kids  to get ready for bed time (they tell fairy tales; make sure everyone takes a shower; help to wash their hair, etc.)


                    Yes, we have our own store on the camp site, where you can buy chocolates, bars, cookies, ice cream, juice, but it is impossible to find there chips, crackers and Coca-cola😉. The shop is open from 14:00 to 15:00 (after lunch), the number of sweets and ice cream  is limited per child per day. Parents can also write comments about the store in the nutrition questionnaire.


                    The recommended amount for personal expenses for summer session is 400-500 UAH. A child can spend money on souvenirs in Lviv or in a camp shop. The money is kept by the camp administrator. The expenses of each child is recorded. No additional services are provided in the camp, all activities are included in the price of the session.

                    No additional services are provided in the camp, all activities are included in the price of the session.

                  •  LOST ITEMS 

                    Things tend to get lost, to be forgotten and unrecognised, especially by small children. Every day we hold an auction to find the owners of things, but even so they are not always recognised. We take pictures of all the lost things and post them on the camp website. After the end of the season (in September), everything is taken to the office in Dnipro. Those things can be picked up in our office  or can be sent by delivery company.

                    The camp administration is not responsible for the loss of valuables if they were not deposited with the instructor.


                  Children's reviews

                  Эдельвейс – это такое чудесное место, там где ты рад своей усталости, рад каждому пройденному километру, рад новым знакомствам и друзьям. Я хочу поблагодарить всех за эту лучшую неделю, проведённую с вами. Мы стали очень дружной и сплоченной командой. Я уверен , что мы с вами можем горы свернуть. И, конечно же, хочу со всеми вами вновь увидеться.

                  ВЕНЯ КОТЛЯРОВ

                  Parent's feedback

                  Я думаю, что главная задача “Эдельвейса” – подсветить нам, родителям, то, где мы не видим. Про наших детей. И дать ориентиры. За 2 недели, даже за 2-3 смены ребенок не сможет стать другим. Но будет импульс к изменениям. И задачу себя, как родителя вижу в том, чтобы поймать этот импульс и двигаться дальше. За много поездок сына в лагерь вижу как меняется он и как меняются мои реакции, как растет внутри вера в него. Это и есть рост, над самим собой. Ещё раз, спасибо огромное Алексеев’с team и всей команде лагеря – Олег форева, Дима-орнитолог (чтобы это не значило и всем, кого я ещё не запомнила – сорри, я стараюсь ). Вы незримо меняете нас и детей. После уже нельзя быть прежним.

                  ИННА РОМАНЮКОВА

                  Наші контакти


                  • office – Prospekt Heroiv 50, Dnipro, Ukraine, 49049
                  • camp – Skole Beskydy National Park, Lviv region

                  Phone numbers:


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